Frequently Asked Questions

At Jacobs Chiropractic, a Knoxville Chiropractic office – we strive to provide our patients and community with the latest news and insights about Chiropractic Techniques and to truly educate you about how seeing a Chiropractor can ultimately help you live a healthy life!

Why is posture so important?

Posture is both aesthetically and functionally important. Besides looking unhealthy, improper posture is a typical sign of a wide variety of health problems. On a more fundamental level, it usually means there is stress and pressure on ligaments, muscles, discs, and nerves. A better posture means a healthier you.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Adjustments usually involve little to no pain. A majority of patients experience pops and cracks during the treatment. These are harmless, pain-free, and a natural part of the process.

Can My Insurance Cover The Treatment Costs?

We treat a wide variety of conditions. You can contact us and stop by to receive an initial evaluation for free. This gives us an opportunity to see how we can help with treatment and corroborate your insurance information.

What Our Patients Say

Conditions Treated


Back Pain

If you are suffering from Back Pain, know you're not alone. 80% of Americans experience and suffer from back pain some time in their life.


Neck Pain

Don't settle for Neck Pain! Recent Studies show that 1 in 10 Americans suffer from chronic Neck Pain. Let us help.



Did you know that Chiropractic services can help to obtain long-term relief from headaches? Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help.


Auto Injury

Have you been involved in a car wreck recently? Make an appointment today for a brief but thorough examination.


Sports Injury

Chiropractic care can be crucial in successfully managing sports injuries. If you have experience an injury, contact us today for a consultation.