$150 Per Month

Labs and Physical Included

Testosterone Therapy Limited Time Offer
Look Better and feel great this summer. Increase your energy and reduce your body fat for only $150 per month. Cost includes physical and full lab testing.

If you are experiencing symptoms typically associated with low testosterone, want to learn more about Testosterone replacement therapy or how treatment works, Jacobs Chiropractic and Wellness Center is happy to be your guide. Explore our various pages about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) before deciding whether TRT is right for you. Contact our experienced professionals to discuss your options and potential treatment.

If you think you might have low levels of testosterone, the best and safest way to find out if you are a good candidate for treatment is to speak with your doctor. After discussing your concerns, your blood will be tested for hormone imbalance. By analyzing your hormone levels, your doctor can determine if you are below the normal amount of testosterone (below 350ng/dL). Men who experience hair loss, low muscle and bone mass, trouble concentrating, low libido and a generally low sense of well-being should contact a Jacobs Chiropractic and Wellness Center professional to ask about testing for hormone imbalance.

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