Whole-body cryotherapy for and athletic recovery and pain relief


While cryotherapy can provide a wide range of benefits, the most common is pain relief. Most patients that use this technique either suffered a sports injury or have some form of arthritis. If applied properly, medical professionals can avoid side effects like local irritation and skin burns.

What Can Cryotherapy Accomplish?

Cryotherapy is the localized or whole-body application of freezing or below-freezing temperatures. For localized pains and afflictions, a medical professional can freeze an area to deaden a nerve or kill cancerous cells. This is accomplished via a cryosurgical probe that is inserted into the tissue. The National Center for Biotechnology Information showed, in a lengthy study, that 1-year survival rates for patients with lung cancer treated using cryotherapy were about 64%.

If you’re suffering from conditions that affect more general areas, whole-body cryotherapy can provide solutions for a larger variety of issues. This method forces a response from the circulatory system, energy meridians, and nervous system. There is evidence that this process can enhance your antioxidant capacity and parasympathetic reactivation, reducing pain and accelerating muscle recovery.

When Should You Receive Cryotherapy?

This treatment stands out for its rapid execution and non-invasive nature. If you are undergoing physiotherapy for a serious sports injury, cryotherapy can help speed up the healing process and alleviate soreness and inflammation. It is also a popular choice for people suffering from chronic pains due to migraines.

Cryotherapy is also useful for afflictions that require short term treatment. Benign skin tumors are a perfect example. Normally, doctors suggest surgical removal of these skin lesions. With cold therapy, a medical professional can simply freeze and kill the potentially cancerous cells. You can reach out to us at the Jacobs Chiropractic and Wellness Center if you have any doubts about moving forward with this intervention.

Who Should Use Cryotherapy?

This method of treatment is most suitable for individuals struggling with pain, skin conditions, and symptoms related to arthritis. Cryotherapy can also help reduce and treat blistering, some infections, most swelling, and redness.

Cryotherapy has also been proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. There are some contraindications to consider, though. If you suffer from hypertension, vascular impairment, cold allergy, or have any open wounds, then you should avoid this treatment.

Cold therapy is unique because it is a viable option for most people. This is due to its lack of serious side effects and limited contraindications. If you compare this to surgical intervention, it is easy to see why most patients might prefer it.

Cryotherapy as a Whole

This medical approach takes two forms. The first involves localized intervention via a probe. The second is a whole-body experience where a patient enters an enclosure that sprays cold air or a chamber filled with extremely cold liquid. It’s generally non-invasive and is generally a preferred alternative for most patients.

You can expect immediate results with cryotherapy for minor lesions and afflictions. A first session can provide you with quick pain relief. Doctors recommend multiple sessions over an extended period of time for more serious issues.

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